Odawas Bring A Remixed “I Tell Lies” To The Christmas Table

It seems to get darker earlier every day — which is just one reason why the below pic of Bloomington, Indiana psychedelic rockers Odawas chucking something in the wind seems so perfect. It’s also the ideal fit for the Christmas-y “I Tell Lies,” a song initially by frontman Michael Tapscott’s other project More Animals Of The Arctic (which we’re told he refers to as “the Parliament to Odawas’ Funkadelic”), but here remixed and given a new bone structure. The band’s Raven And The White Night didn’t receive the attention it should have this past year. Maybe this echoing, piano and harmonica-streaked entreaty about Xmas lies and regrets will shift that some. Maybe they’re looking at a flying saucer attack.

Perfect for your home-for-the-holidays emotional anticipation:

Odawas – “I Tell Lies (Odawas Remix)” (MP3)

Anyone have a spare tissue or a blanket? You might want to chase it with “The Ice,” another frostbitten wintertime Odawas jam, or this soaring Raven standout:

Odawas – “Alleluia” (MP3)

Raven And The White Night is out via Jagjaguwar.