New Black Lips Video – “Veni Vidi Vici”

Last we saw Black Lips, the Atlanta rockers got up-close, colorful, and sweaty in the video for Good Bad Not Evil standout “O Katrina!” On a mellower vid tip, the boys wander a Hotlanta cemetery and mug into mirrors super 8-style, occasionally interrupted by a variety of burning flags. We see what’s going on (especially when the film’s reversed at the end, the damage undone, and we all start to heal), but the more important message here is that frontman Cole Alexander’s sporting a Megadeth t-shirt, at least part of the time. Remember someone wearing a Ride The Lightning tee in her new video? Of course, the only thing heavy about either is the message … kinda.

(via P4K)

Finding another link between the Lips and Maya, Diplo did a remix of this very tune a ways back:

Black Lips – “Veni Vidi Vici (Diplo Remix)” (MP3)

And because we want to offer you another stocking stuffer, why not revisit a raucous blast of garage punk:

Black Lips – “O Katrina!” (MP3)

Need three? Take “Lock & Key” live. Good Bad Not Evil is out via Vice.

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