Dominant Legs – “Hoop Of Love” (Stereogum Premiere)

San Francisco BTW/Stereogum40 alum Dominant Legs is the project of one of my favorite tweeters, Girls collaborator Ryan William Lynch. The guy’s obsessed with Cheers, the San Jose Sharks, gets mistaken for being an actual girl here and there, and imbues the smallest observations with a smart, smart-ass, sunny wit. When writing up that Band To Watch post a couple years ago, I described his music as part Belle & Sebastian and part “late-night Arthur Russell” as well as “understated but grand,” “grounded but idiosyncratic,” “poetic and everyday,” and “jittery and sedated.” I realize now that, at least to someone reading his thoughts in 140 characters or less, these things also describe Lynch. As he goes, goes the music… On his first proper LP, Invitation, he’s surrounded by vocalist/keyboardist Hannah Hunt, who joined in 2009, as well as post-Young At Love And Life EP players, bassist Andrew Connors, guitarist Garett Goddard and drummer Rene Solomon, but it’s still clearly his project. Take a listen to summery lead track “Hoop Of Love.”

Dominant Legs – “Hoop Of Love”


01 “Take A Bow”
02 “Where We Trip The Light”
03 “Already Know That It’s Nice”
04 “Darling Girls”
05 “Hoop Of Love”
06 “Lady Is Sleek And So Petite”
07 “2 New Thoughts About U”
08 “The One That You’re With”
09 “Calm Down”
10 “Make Time For The Boy”
11 “She Can Boss Me Around”
12 “Loving Now”

Invitation is out 9/27 via Lefse. Look for a fall tour.