Video Hangover: Run-D.M.C. – “Christmas In Hollis”

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“Christmas in Hollis”
Run DMC, 1987

Run, D.M.C., Jam Master J, D.M.C.’s mom, black Santa, and a crazy elf celebrate Christmas in Hollis, Queens.

Mmmmm…Christmas macaroni
Love the attention to holiday detail here. The handpainted welcome to Hollis, Queens sign above the park, the big bag with a money symbol, the plastic yule log — Santa’s wallet even has a beard! And a dog with antlers taped to its head as a stand-in reindeer? If that doesn’t count as “ill,” I don’t know what does.

If Dick Cheney ever finds out about this thing we’ll all be in big, big trouble
Also, to clarify: the modified Simon that controls Christmas has four buttons: Naughty, Nice, Access, and Eject.

Goddamn naughty Communists
And the award for “Worst Christmas Elf” goes to … the Christmas elf! Not only does he steal Run’s Christmas hat and chain, but he totally screws over Paul Raymond from Sydney, Coco from Fiji, “Big O” from New York, Tim Simpson from Chicago, and Miette Madsen from Sweden. Katherin Moreski from Moscow, on the other hand, gets exactly what she deserves.

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