SBTRKT @ Glasslands, Williamsburg 7/6/11

Young Turks-affiliated London producer SBTRKT’s self-titled LP was one of my honorably mentioned favorites of the year so far, and the fanfare around the masked beatmaker’s arrival in NYC makes it feel like he’ll be properly positioned on many similar lists come year’s end. Last night the Cruel Summer king played to a sold-out Glasslands, with support from Shigero and Mux Mool. It was meant to be a “real” set but due to vocalist Sampha’s difficulty entering the country, SBTRKT was in DJ mode, which is still more dynamic than most electronic artists can muster on their own. His set had already shifted the crowd into high gear with hist post-everything-step dance music when came a heavily, tribally doctored version of Drake’s remix of “Wildfire” that busted the place wide open. So if this was the lowered-expectations DJ set, Saturday’s “proper” set with Sampha at MoMA PS1 is already your weekend must-see. Schedule affairs accordingly.

Photos here compliments of Ryan Muir.