Georgie James: 48 Hours, One Song

The excellent “Project Song” project, from NPR’s All Songs Considered, launches its second installment today with x-Q and Not U drummer John Davis and Laura Burhenn’s New Pornographic indie pop project Georgie James. An interesting choice to follow-up the inaugural masterclass with hailed, esteemed, and prolific love song tunesmith Stephin Merritt, but we’re not complaining; Georgie James has made a splash around here with their far-flung folk/power-pop confections, showing enough chops to meet the challenge of such a two-day track writing experiment.

Same drill as last time: NPR provides the studio, the instruments, and the materials for inspiration (here, a Phil Toledano picture of a bare room with a large pile of books in its center, and the phrase “Something Joyful”). They dubbed the finished song “Monument,” an upbeat piano and handclaps ditty, plenty joyful in that stripped and pre-psych ’60s AM-pop style. Dig the Muppet-esque, harmonized “la la”s on the outro. Check it over at NPR.