The Apatow Crew Cover Pixies, Begin The Apatow Backlash

Look we promise, we aren’t getting paid to post about Walk Hard. In fact, we think it looks disappointing. But THIS, well this is more like it. Plus, it has “Wave Of Mutilation” in it (whoa indie cred!). Get Drew Barrymore’s bf/Mac kid Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, and The Office’s Craig Robinson together for a little Rock Band, and watch the relaxed, spontaneous, meta-tacular fun ensue. Via CC Insider:

It’s almost like they made it in response to everyone’s palpable onset of Judd-lash, no? Also, this and this were just a few months ago, meaning Apatow’s not only making bank, he’s closing the window of time necessary to effectively self-satirize. Take that, Jamie Fox.