For Those Who Haven’t Been Following Along, Blitzen Trapper Informs That “Christmas Is Coming Soon”

Yep it’s about that time when the most exciting thing going on in the world of music is the continuing parade of holiday MP3s, but that doesn’t mean a) that we aren’t gonna find ways to make blogging fun the rest of this week (and next!) or b) that we’re just gonna post every crap indie hoilday track that we come across. We have more respect for you than that. Now that that’s out of the way, check out this totally sweet holiday track! With all seriousness and decorum, it’s an excellent Xmas song, and a fine addition to this year’s slowly growing holiday soundtrack.

“Christmas Is Coming Soon” is sorta New Old Blitzen Trapper, new to most of us not living in Portland; the track first appeared on the band’s debut back in ’03, but only after this breakout year did we think to revisit it. “Breakout”s a relative term (still surprised from those unjust omissions from the Gummys and the P4K Top Albums list), but Wild Mountain Nation’s up there amongst ours (and Carrie Brownstein’s) faves of ’07. So here’s some wistful fingerpicking for your holiday table. On Donner, on Blitzen…

Blitzen Trapper – “Christmas Is Coming Soon” (MP3)

The track comes from Blitzen Trapper, which we’re told makes a great Christmas present and can be picked up right here. And here’s a weird little holiday card from the Trapper clan to you. !syadiloH yppaH