A Cracker Christmas Flashback

What were you doing around Christmas 2001? “Merry Christmas, Emily,” Cracker’s suitably bummed holiday song from 2002’s Forever, which was written by David Lowery and Johnny Hickman “as an ode to ex-girlfriends everywhere,” has popped back up at the boys’ behest. Anything to spread some cheer to everyone but poor Emily. Hickman recently said that the song “was written in about an hour … both of us laughing our asses off in Tucson, drunk. All the places mentioned [in the song] we were stopping at for drinks all day… In those days.” You’d never know it. But then, we still like to think of Christmas as a time of popping pills and hanging by dead palm trees. For all the tune’s angst, it maintains a tender forever center: “I still think about you / do you still think about me?” Of course, David, of course.

Cracker – “Merry Christmas, Emily” (MP3)

And, remember Lowery’s more recent “All Those Girls Meant Nothing To Me.” As far as “Emily,” we gave you the album version instead of the edited radio take because if we learned one this this Christmas, it’s that people like their salty language in place. By the way, David and Johnny are back in the studio, working toward a studio album in 2008. In the meantime, Cracker and Camper Van have a few more upcoming dates.

12/27 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
12/28 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
12/29 – Petaluma, CA @ The Mystic
12/30 – Solana Beach, CA @ The Belly Up
12/31 – Portland OR @ The Doug Fir

Yes, they only place places that start with “the.”