New Against Me! Video – “New Wave”

Plenty of smiles, beer sipping, and clowning in the live footage that makes up Against Me!’s “New Wave” video. Why not? The little punks turned major label biggies have a lot to celebrate: The Boss digs ‘em, they took the top spot in Spin’s year ending list, no. 9 on Rolling Stone’s shit list, and Ben Lee covered New Wave in its entirety. Right, maybe that Ben thing wasn’t the biggest deal.

Seems like a label promo. They did one for “White People For Peace,” too. Still, more compelling than wine-y “Thrash Unreal.” The footage comes from their tour with Sage Francis, though we don’t see that many backpacks in the audience (rimshot). Speaking of live: On 1/16, dudes go out on tour with Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World and Serj Tankian. Jimmy Eat World? Anyhow, wonder if they’ll call Tegan in when they do the video for “Borne on the FM Waves Of The Heart.” While we wait, here’s Tegan in the studio with the boys adding her vocals to the track.

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