New Michael Jackson (Feat. Kanye West) – “Billie Jean ’08”

After listening to this you might think, well isn’t this more a “remix” rather than a ‘newly updated song’ as the 25th Anniversary Thriller boxset would have you believe? There’s three ways to establish you’d be wrong, shamon: 1) That’s clearly Kanye’s voice saying “yeah! uh!” at :23 seconds (after an intro of straight pre-chorus no less); 2) that’s clearly Kanye’s beat du jour underpinning the track (ala “Stronger”); and 3) it clearly says “’08” in the title. And that’s about it. Enjoy!

In even more depressing MJ news … his nose collapsed after playing with his son. That can’t be a pretty sight, so we have absolutely no interest in showing you pictures of what said incident looked like. Instead, we’ll show you photos of Michael shortly after visiting the doc for emergency rhinoplasty.

Today's Thriller: Michael Jackson's nose collapses
Today's Thriller: Michael Jackson's nose collapses
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OK! We would never leave you on that tragic note, of course, so let’s pick up the pieces a little. How about with good tidings of the Rhymefest/Mark Ronson MJ tribute mixtape Man In The Mirror? Details here, and have a listen of “Never Can Say Goodbye” (featuring Talib Kweli) at RhymeSpace. And while we’re talking Ronson, here’s some recently excavated vid of Jimmy Fallon, Jack Black, and Mark Ronson on bass doing “Do They Know It’s Christmas” @ Roseland in 2002.

See, happy fun times. This holiday season let us all give thanks that we too don’t have tenderized, soggy bone structure due to a lifetime’s incurable addiction to plastic surgery.