Free YACHT & Blow Instrumentals

Giving us something better than a penny to pick up, the always kind Portland beat-tweaker Jona Bechtolt’s posted a bunch of free YACHT and Blow instrumentals over at his site with the following note:

I just made instrumentals of YACHT and The Blow for people to download, karaoke, chop up, reuse, sell, or whatever. Happy Holidays!

Thanks, Jona. Before you dig in, though, please watch the following for inspiration.

Too bad Jona left the Blow — he and Khaela were such great, giddy drunks together. Anyhow, aspiring mashup artists and the like should go here for the goods (scroll).
Dude didn’t half-step. You can get all of Paper Television (plus a b-side) as well as I Believe In You, Your Magic Is Real, his David Shrigley tune, and his side of a split 12″ with Lucky Dragons. At the bottom of the page, Jona notes “If you’re a company and you want to use these songs for commercial purposes, that is a whole other story” and offers contact info at Domino, so don’t pull a Camel slash RS, OK? Otherwise, let us know how the mashes and karaoke turn out. Actually, they make for surprisingly good listening even without any outside additions.

Tags: The Blow, YACHT