British Experts Predict 2008’s Breakouts

If you really had the power of foresight, and its outer limits were the ability to predict next year’s breakout music artist, in this fiscal climate it’d be about as lucrative or useful as Isaac’s albino-eyeballed painting-predictions about people you don’t know. (That often don’t even come true, but that’s for another, post writers-strike day.) But hey, you’d have a kick-ass music blog! And, you’d look great in hindsight when you gave quotes to papers about next year’s biggest acts. Guardian’s gone and asked nine music on the other side of the Atlantic about the artists most likely to make some noise in ’08, and we’ve assembled ‘em here with some illustrative links so you can see what they’re on about.

Simon Moran, promoter, SJM Concerts

Nick Huggett, head of A&R, Columbia Records

  • Sam Sparro (“He sings soulful electro dance music – Gnarls Barkley meets Scissor Sisters. He’s quite camp but very fresh-sounding and his song Black and Gold is a massive tune.”)
  • Adele
  • Eg White
  • The Ting Tings

Alison Howe, producer, Later With Jools Holland

Conor McNicholas, editor, NME

Nihal Arthanayake, DJ, Radio 1/BBC Asian Network

Matt Cook, director of talent and music, MTV2

Sean Adams, founder,

Niall Doherty, deputy editor, The Fly magazine

  • Foals
  • Dead Kids (“wild, electro groove that sometimes sounds like Joe Strummer fronting PiL, and sometimes like a new rave Bowie”)
  • Vampire Weekend
  • Yeasayer
  • MGMT

Nick Tesco, writer, Music Week

So if you’re keeping score, looks like it’s all about Duffy, Adele, MGMT, Yeasayer, and Vampire Weekend. But that’s coming from nine people — now we turn to thousands. If there’s someone poised for goodness in ’08, consider this the official thread. Post ‘em up (listen links preferable).