A Very Special We Are Scientists Christmas

The inequality of gift giving is a universal: You purchase your friend the best thing in the world and they hook you up with an expired McDonald’s coupon. Or whatever. Looks like We Are Scientists are having a bit of that problem within their ranks — the plot pivots on hummus, whiskey, and an X-Twin Glider. Yes, that could also make one hell of a romance novel, but this is more about the “X” in Xmas, the anti-“Gift Of The Magi” and all that. Though come to think of it, look where Chris keeps his Santa hat until he unveils the hard stuff.

Ahh, we’ve always known WAS to be funny. On top of that extremely festive holiday greeting, we also dug up video footage of the guys playing some new tunes (“Impatience” and “Dinosaur,” respectively). Well, new tunes they’ve been playing live for six months already.