Panda Bear & Sonic Boom Do Fallon

“Founding member of the influential band Animal Collective” Noah Lennox’s has upped his live game by including producer and founding member of the influential band Spaceman 3 Peter “Sonic Boom” Kember onstage. Folks at Panda Bear’s 3rd of July set at Music Hall Of Williamsburg raved about Sonic Boom’s contributions there, and for those that couldn’t make it to Brooklyn that night, here is the duo performing Tomboy’s “You Can Count On Me” complete with visuals from ODDSAC maestro and Animal Collective imagist Danny Perez. Also all of this means Noah on guitar, so that’s nice. Watch the Fallon performance below, watch Animal Collective tonight in Prospect Park if you have a ticket. (If not, just go close by so you can hear them at least.)

(via AudioPerv via GvsB)