New Sally Shapiro – “Miracle (Bogdan Irkük Remix)”

Swedish italo-disco dreamer Sally Shapiro’s My Guilty Pleasure, the followup to Disco Romance, is out this fall. When we debuted the first single “Miracle” a ways back we asked Shapiro if a miracle relationship ended could there be another miracle that might start it up again:

We’re not told that … But not a high chance I would guess. It’s a song about the nostalgia you can feel over a lost relationship. Maybe it really felt like a miracle when it was going on, at least for you. Or maybe you just remember the relationship as better than it actually was.

We’re still left guessing in this extended remix Bulgarian producer Bogdan Irkük (aka BULGARI), but he’s removed a bit of the stormy sound effects, and doubled the length of our last goodbye, which somehow makes it all seem more hopeful.

Sally Shapiro – “Miracle (Bogdan Irku?k Remix)” (MP3)

The “Miracle” single is out via Paper Bag. My Guilty Pleasure is out this 8/25, also via Paper Bag.