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Unkind – “Koulutettu Epäonnistumaan” (Stereogum Premiere)

Veteran Finnish quintet Unkind play crusty, guitar-sliding d-beat punk that should interest fans of Discharge, Tragedy, and Disfear as well as folks into the dark atmospherics mastered by Amebix and Converge. The band’s fifth album (and Relapse debut) Harhakuvat closes with the 6-minute “Koulutettu Epäonnistumaan” (“Education Of Failure”), an example of how they like to occasionally push their 2-minute hardcore explosions into doomier, more expansive territories.

Unkind – “Koulutettu Epäonnistumaan”

Harhakuvat is out 8/2 via Relapse.

Unkind 2011

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