Win Lunch With Billy Corgan!

Win Lunch With Billy Corgan!

The last Pumpkin standing is auctioning off an afternoon meal with one lucky fan in Los Angeles or Chicago. Restaurant is TBD, but “winner is responsible for the bill” so maybe you choose if you win? Proceeds benefit The Songwriters Hall of Fame’s goal of building a museum in New York City, because that’s what the world needs. Bidding is currently at $650 and you have six more days to enter at ( says it’s legit.) Good luck! Where would you take Billy if you won, and what would you talk about? I’m going with Cheesecake Factory and pro wrestling.

UPDATE: Billy addresses the haters via the Pumpkins e-mail newsletter:

Todays laughter was me being criticized for a post that had info about a charity that was offering (to the highest bidder) a lunch with me. Unfortunately, unknown to me, the info stated that lunch was on the person who won the auction. Having never offered myself for a charity lunch date before, I was curious to see what fans might say about it. I was surprised to see a minor detail I was unaware of that said the winner must pay the bill at lunch turn into an attack on me and my supposed fortune. What an asshole I am to not want to buy lunch?

I bring this to your attention because this is exactly what’s to be expected in a mean and bitter world. Every act, no matter how kind or caring must be viewed thru the dim lens of ambition, greed, power, and ultimately selfishness. There must be an ulterior motive to all of this, right?? A charity lunch just can’t be as simple as that. The awareness raised for the charity means nothing against what its going to do for my career…and what a career its been! And thank God someone gets to fit the bill for my meal!

Yes I’m being sarcastic but the sad part is someone out there will read this and think the worst, never seeing the darkness and avarice in their own heart…

Bidding’s now at $6,000.

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