Flaming Lips Ring In Their 25th Year With Hometown New Years Show, Bring Magnorium Song To iTunes

What’s it like living in Oklahoma City, we wonder. It’s this place where Wayne Coyne does the weather (in honor of Flaming Lips Alley, of course), marches skeletons through town, and instead of wandering between half-ass parties you get to spend New Year’s with Wayne & Co. For instance, here they’re doing “Auld Lang Syne” (goodbye, ’07) and the countdown to midnight (hello, ’08).

The show took place in the Cox Center, along with Stardeath and White Dwarfs. Like the best Lips shows, audience participation was seemingly a major theme. As was Queen.

Thanks for the chance to sing along. Love how gusto folks get on “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots,” all the extra yowls fleshing-out Wayne’s voice whenever it starts to charmingly crack.

Gorgeous. As if the night wasn’t raucous enough, the loudest of the loud was topped by this in-the-red “Yeah Yeah Yeah Song.” Speaking of songs, on Christmas, the boys unleashed “Love The World You Find,” a single from the Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium soundtrack, of course starring Dustin Hoffman and the Ms. Indie Rock-listed Natalie Portman. You can purchase it at iTunes. Pretty. And, if you made it out to the NYE show, please pass along the firsthand scoop. Oh yeah, happy 25th dudes.