Dirty Projectors Collegiate A Cappella

Even if Ben Folds snubbed them, after serving up instrument-free Vampire Weekend and Grizzly Bear the Carleton Singing Knights from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota show us that, once again, they have their finger on what’s really (really) popular in indie rock at any given moment. (Though, hey, why no “My Girls”? Oh, right.) This time they hit us with Bitte Orca opener “Cannibal Resource.” Main difference from DP’s version? They have a beat box guy. Bigger than that? There are no girls. Because this is collegiate a cappella. (Just kidding. Nice job, guys.)

If you want more, this last outing also birthed arrangements of New Pornographers and My Morning Jacket, among others (Boyz II Men). The clips are at YouTube. Many moons ago, they did this:

Thanks Colin for the tip!