New Sébastien Tellier Video – “Sexual Sportswear”

One of us hit the gym last night in honor of the New Year, and definitely spotted folks in what could easily be described as “Sexual Sportswear.” So then, this low-lit Sébastian Tellier vid — all lines and curves — arrives at just the right time. The French are timely. Some moments may reek uncomfortably of Blue Man Group-ness, but gotta respect a slow-spinning thong shot, right? Yes, we just said that. Is it safe fork work? Not sure, it’s pretty dark in there.

One more question: Does this “Sexual Sportswear” business have anything to do with Sexual Chocolate? Way to put the “x” in sex, oh bearded one. Nothing lost in translation there.

This is the first single from Tellier’s third studio album Sexuality, which was produced by Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and comes out in February. Wonder if Kanye will rifle through it for sampling material. Get more info at ST’s MySpace.