New Magnetic Fields – “Too Drunk To Dream”

We already told you how much we love the blustery, lonesome, Jesus & Mary Chained Distortion and its confounding-in-pink artwork, so we wanted to pass along the link to an MP3 of “Too Drunk To Dream” — which was highlighted in our PE for its downcast lyrics and upbeat swing. The lyrics: “Sober life is a prison / Shit faced it is a blessing. / Sober nobody wants you / Shit faced they’re all undressing … / Sober you’re old and ugly / Shit faced who needs a mirror.” True that. You can download the song at RCRD LBL … here. Still loving the fake-out intro presented by “Three-Way,” but can’t wait until they do something with “Old Fools,” “Please Stop Dancing,” “Mr. Mistletoe,” “Drive On, Driver,” etc. All so good. It’s early in the year, but can we start compiling best-of lists? OK, ready, set … no.

The Magnetic Fields