Patrick Stump On Law & Order: Best Mall Punk Actor Of This Generation

Last night Fall Out Boy’s vocalist/only-talented-guy Patrick Stump treaded down the path brazenly cleared by the honorable Kevin Federline, making his acting debut on primetime police and legal drama Law & Order. He tells MTV News how he got the gig:

I just begged like crazy. I have always been a fan of the show … It was totally cool. It was crazy. It’s weird because I hate being this guy that has to admit this but it’s totally true. The last thing I ever acted in was in high school probably. It was some kind of high school student written sketch or something so it was really crazy noticing any similarities between that and real acting (laughs). And it was a lot like making a video too.

Did last night’s performance offer hope for a side gig worthy of his sideburns? Well it wasn’t a complete debacle, but we can say for sure that, as an actor, he makes an awesome singer. Judge for yourself with Patrick’s turn as Marty Dressler via this shaky cam video footage.

Less talking, more courtside mugging in Part II…

Pretty eh, but there’s at least one emo-y vocalist we prefer his acting to.