A Look At The Liner Notes Of Tomorrow

Coolfer’s weighed in on Sunday’s trauma-inducing Washington Post article, which claimed that a recent RIAA legal brief maintained that ripping songs from CDs for personal use is, in fact, a illegal act. After reading the brief himself (you can, too), Coolfer says the Post either misread the document (by taking one particular sentence out of context), or was the latest example of a “calculated rhetorical shift” by an increasingly activist press on the issue of music copyright, distribution, and piracy.

Now that’s all heavy stuff. And the only bedrock takeaway, here, is that the RIAA are not as diabolical as they once seemed (this time). But Something Awful gives less benefit and maintains more doubt, manifest in this look at the liner notes of the distant present.

[Click to make ‘em more readable]

You can find the rest of the liner notes here, but be careful. They’re watching.

UPDATE: Confused by the RIAA vs. Washington Post nonsense? Listen to this piece on NPR where the parties explicate (via).