New Thurston Moore Video – “Fri/End”

When Thurston Moore released Trees Outside The Academy, we were plenty excited about “Fri/End,” which we called “his swooniest track in ages,” adding that “it chimes and lilts like lighter Rather Ripped SY,” making sure that everyone knows once you remove the resistance bar in the title you get “Friend.” Oh, you. Guess who his friend turns out to be in the tune’s Philly Virus-shot/directed video? Hint: It’s not Kim.

Yup, his dog. Or maybe his scrambled egg hat, ski mask, and record collection. Like that he proves himself a master of Sleeveface in the process. Hmm, Swans don’t work so well … Richard Hell’s a bit better. Who can name ‘em all? And, speaking of album covers, at the end, are those the fields from Bad Moon Rising?

And, of course, if you’ve rather dig into “Fri/End” sans imagery, we have this for ya:

Thurston Moore – “Fri/End” (MP3)

That’s right, it’s all yours, friend. OK we’ll shut up now.

Trees Outside The Academy is out now via Ecstatic Peace.