Steve Earle Covers Tom Waits For The Wire

Kanye’s Connect Four thrashing was our excuse to bring up The Wire yesterday. Today’s excuse: Tom Waits and Steve Earle. Show obsessives (there are no casual fans, here) know that Steve plays recurring character Waylon, the former addict who’s taken a shine to (now-clean!) Bubbles, but Earle ups his involvement for the urban drama’s final season by covering the Tom Waits-penned theme song “Way Down In The Hole” (prior seasons saw renditions from The Blind Boys Of Alabama, Tom himself, The Neville Brothers, and Baltimore teen group DoMaJe).

Of course, you already knew Steve was doing the final season’s theme music because you regularly read the New Yorker and saw last June’s Earle profile (right?), but thanks to the show’s OnDemand premiere in advance of Sunday, now there’s YouTube of the Steve soundtracked opening montage.

While we’re talking Wire-related New Yorker pieces, there’s this little 11,000 word must-read profile on genius creator David Simon from back in October waiting for you, just in case you haven’t got to it yet. Meanwhile Whit points us to this conversation between Nick Hornby and Mr. Simon. Or if you’d like to get your fill of the deification of David by the media via lots of links in one spot, New York Mag’s got the re-up, along with interviews with Omar, Marlo, and Bubbles.

If you haven’t watched the premiere yet, do it. McNulty’s drinking again, the show’s tackling the local media (and the local media’s maybe a little bitter), looks like Avon’s back, and the city is (surprise!) totally fucked.