New Goldfrapp – “A&E” (And Seventh Tree Album Art)

The new Goldfrapp tune would fit well in some Paul Thomas Anderson flick, maybe connecting all the forlorn characters a la “Wise Up,” only on a bright blue Saturday, not such a rainy work night. It’s pretty and straightforward and sentimental and has a poppy crescendo — the kind of thing it’s not hard to imagine blasting out of any number of demographically different radios. On it, Alison sings about pill-induced missing, crawling out the door, dancing on the floor. Her sped-up pop-as-heck trill reminds us somehow of old-school Nelly Furtado (seriously) and then there’s the final lighter-raising finale that’d make Kylie weep. You can soak it all up at MySpace (via P4K). While you listen, we have the equally cinematic cover art post jump.

Holy Captain Hook. Someone tell Colin Meloy his hat’s missing.

Seventh Tree is out 2/26 on Mute.

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