Stephin Merritt Is Psycho For Psychocandy

Listening to the super duper Distortion — which we’ve already prematurely sainted — it’s pretty clear Stephin Merritt likes the Jesus & Mary Chain and their rainy feedback. Listen no further than the a-clang backdrop of “Too Drunk To Dream,” though a better example would be “Please Stop Dancing.” True, the white noise smears frostily across Distortion (even the girl group garage of “Three-Way” gets a dollop), but we didn’t realize the J&MC love bordered on obsession. In an article at Drowned In Sound (via LHB) he says:

Psychocandy is the last significant event in popular music production. That’s the last thing I’ve heard which sounds blaringly original. I haven’t heard anything else since then that says, “this is a new way of making records.”

He notes that he hoped to bring the 1985 record’s “huge masses of shrieking feedback; the sense of singing over an espresso machine” to his 2007 record. We think he definitely conjures some of that swirl, but who agrees with the idea that Psychocandy was “the last significant event in popular music production”? Got some blaringly original examples to refute Mr. Merritt?

Stephin And Mary Chain Stephin And Mary Chain