Willie Nelson Covers Dave Matthews

These days find Willie keeping one eye on the IRS, and the other on the crop of younger singer-songwriters out there. We heard him somewhat forgettably duet with Ryan a little while back, but here he’s looking to the works of Farm Aid pal and actor extraordinare Dave Matthews. The man of the eponymous Band doesn’t turn up on the tune, though, rather it’s just Willie pulling cover duty on “Gravedigger,” from Dave’s 2003 solo LP Some Devil. None of us really dug the track in its initial incarnation (although Some Devil was more moving throughout than most anything DMB put out post-Crash), but hearing the near-death themes filter through Willie’s quaking tenor brings some authentic, fatalistic grit to the cut’s pleas. Worth a listen. Unfortunately it cuts out towards the end, but still you can stream most of it here.

Willie’s Moment Of Forever, featuring a duet with Kenny Chesney and songs written by Dylan, Randy Newman, Kris Kristofferson, Big Kenny (Big & Rich), and the outlaw himself is out 1/29 on Lost Highway.

UPDATE: There’s a video too! Starring Willie as the preacher, the gravedigger, the hearse driver, and, naturally, the corpse. Watch at Amazon.

Willie Nelson Dave Matthews
[Dave pic via Flickr]