New Eddie Vedder Video – “Guaranteed”

This one oughta strike a chord with anyone who’s spent lots of time with Ten. EdVed made his first full-fledged foray into solo territory by soundtracking Sean Penn’s moving, motion-picture adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s Into The Wild, which we checked when he collaborated with S-K’s Corin Tucker on a cover of Indio’s “Hard Sun.” That track worked, but it isn’t until we actually watched Emile Hirsch wandering his way up to Alaska to the sounds of Eddie’s expressly written music that his contributions really clicked, perfectly. “Guaranteed” is the soundtrack’s second single, and Vedder’s first video in, well, a long time. The three hour shoot, done by Marc Rocco entirely on 35mm film, casts Eddie in a very familiar light: low lit silhouette, sitting on a stool, emoting, while images float by of a young man needing answers. The face may be a little grizzled, but just compare the way the two Vedders stare out of their eyes. Guess what we’re watching isn’t just Krakauer’s coming of age story. (Thanks, MFR)