New Estelle (Feat. Kanye West) – “American Boy”

In the four years since Estelle put out her debut 18th Day, she’s grown pretty close to John Legend. And having a fan in the man of onstage erections is a very good thing! Because he’s got cool stuff like his own label (which Estelle’s signed to for this new LP) and attention-loving friends (like Kanye West, who’s lended his name and some guest raps to this track). So, fittingly,the sort smoothed out new soul of “American Boy” is about Estelle’s love for American boys: wishes to be taken to Miami, Cali, Brooklyn … it’s an okay song but really it sounds like someone’s in it for the Green Card. Kanye, beware. Oh sorry, we’re calling you K now, gotcha.

More guys involved on the new one include Wyclef,, Swizz Beats, Mark Ronson, and of course the American boy who’s making it all happen, John Legend. Shine is out this May via Legend’s Homeschool and Atlantic. The Brit press is getting excited — you hearing it?

Estelle and Kanye West collaborate on 'American Boy'