New RTX Video – “Knightmare & Mane”

Truth be known, one of us swore by Royal Trux in his younger days, going as far as sporting a Thank You sticker on his guitar. Twin Infinitives and Cats And Dogs anyone? They were the sleazy, noisy, bluesy, real-deal shit that went to darker, more buzzed places than their straight-and-narrow indie brethren. That said, after Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema went separate ways — he to a solo career under his given name and the Howling Hex, she to art, modeling, jewelry-making, writing, etc., and RTX — the old magic wasn’t entirely there, despite the strength of any given individual release. But hey, behold the weird energy conjured in the sunspotted Sasha Eisenman-directed surfing safari video for “Knightmare & Mane.” Remember that disconnected junkie thing? Let’s pitch it against a psychedelic beach ramble: We get to see an oceanside blonde-on-Slash-y guitar moment, a dude riding waves with a cat mask, and Jennifer toking in the sand.

Even with your eyes closed, song totally rocks. And for Royal Trux diehards, how about some vintage station ID action? Hilarious.

RaTX is out on Drag City.