New Goldfrapp Video – “A&E”

Did we hear you say you wanted more, more, MOR Goldfrapp earlier this week? We got you. Our sleeping beauty comes to on a bed of autumn leaves, singing “Like I’m walking up surrounded by me,” and here “me” is represented by corporally manifesting piles of leaves which proceed to bow in worship of Alison (while showing off some wicked choreography for imaginary wilting plant-organ people). As commenter Michael noted, on the other side of the Atlantic “A&E” refers to the emergency room (i.e. accident and emergency) and not the Arts & Entertainment channel like you Yanks had previously thought. Patrick Wolf probably stole her intended title, but it’s still fully fleshed out in song as she lays wondering how she got there in her backless pastel dress, depressed and missing you, and talking about how “there may be pills at work” … which if nothing else, would explain why the leaf people are riding bikes. The YouTube is unembeddable so go here to watch for now, and we’ll update in service of your lazy clicking finger soon.

Goldfrapp - A&E video

This song is such a grower, but if you aren’t there yet the video will facilitate that. Set Black Cherry aside (if you can, just for awhile) and listen to Seventh Tree with open ears. She’s not a strict machine, here, and you’ll come to love it. Seventh Tree is out 2/26 on Mute.

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