New Moby Video – “Alice”

We give ecstasy promoting vegan pundit Moby a lot of flack, but at the end of the day, he has come up with some great jams. “Alice” may not be one of them, but it has its moments, as highlighted by this Andreas Nilsson-directed video’s constant station flicker. Although Nilsson’s most memorable work has come with the Knife (and even José González), he manages to lend a suitably ghostly hand to the track, adding visual resonances to its disembodied, outsourced feel.

(Via P4K)

No, that isn’t Moby rapping, silly pudding, it’s UK spitters Aynzil and the 419 Crew. The song’s the first single from Last Night, the full-length follow-up to ’05s Hotel. Here’s what Moby himself had to say about it. Via Moby dot com:

it’s a lot more dance oriented and electronic than my last few albums, probably as a result of all of the dj’ing i’ve been doing lately. and it has some interesting guest vocalists. my favorite guest is the rapper on ‘i love to move in here’. his name is grandmaster caz, and he was one of the writers of ‘rappers delight’. he’s been rapping since 1975, and i’m really happy to have him on the record.

Ah, cool, a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you don’t stop … or something.

Last Night is out 3/31 on Mute.