Natalie Herschlag Is Cool Again

I had serious misgivings about Curiosa up until the headliners took the stage. I expected shitty weather — uncomfortable heat, thunderstorms, or both — but the real trouble started when our 4:00 ferry left early, without us. It was comforting to see that Audrey and Greg were in the same boat (ferry), but we all had to wait an hour for the next one. When we arrived at the entrace on Randall’s Island, I realized I had forgot my ticket. My $63 ticket. Not good. Security somehow forgot to rip Cara’s ticket, so she handed it to me over the fence and I got in. Phew.

The scene was an expected mix of ironic Lacoste and people all dressed up like the Cure (or wearing old tour shirts); I was hoping for something like Bats Day, but no such luck. The performances were staggered so you could potentially see every act. It appeared well organized, but I think that’s only because the venue was at half capacity. I liked hearing the new Interpol songs live, but the other members of my party were not impressed. Muse were great on the side stage. The Cure’s set was heavy on the hits and cuts from the new album. Robert Smith barely said anything to the crowd. They left the stage at the 10:30 curfew.

Hightlights: “High,” “Inbetween Days,” “Lovesong.” They didn’t play anything from Wild Mood Swings, but I accept that I’m the only one who likes that album. Here’s a cool cover of “Inbetween Days” from the Rubaiyat compilation, which I bought my dad for Hannukah in 1990. ROCK!

John Eddie – “Inbetween Days”

Also Garden State was as great as everyone says. It’s as close as we’re gonna get to a Reality Bites for this decade. Congrats dude from Scrubs!

I can’t get “Throw the Jew down the well / so my country can be free” (from last night’s Ali G) out of my head.