Video Hangover: Beck – “Sexx Laws”

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“Sexx Laws”
Beck, 1999

Get ready for some hot machine-on-machine action.

Thanks to advances in appliance-interface technology, GE washers and refrigerators can now hump 20% more efficiently
Beck directed this video himself, and, while he gets bogged down in some post-“Praise You” Spike Jonze-isms (the opening “Vision Warrior Men’s Circle” bit, for example, and the amateur-ish group dancing at 2:42), he redeems himself with two of the more inspired video moments of the last twenty years: the kitchen appliance orgy, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-style ninja/robot orgy.

Real Mayonnaise (Lyndon Johnson) likes to watch
Apparently Sexx Laws is an homage to “Mister Freedom,” an absurdist, allegorical romp about an idiot American superhero who destroys France in order to save it from Communism. Beck offers a far more nuanced — yet equally powerful – critique of America’s arrogant and self-deluding Cold War foreign policy. In Beck’s version Smeat (Southeast Asia) and Mr. Cheese (former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara) are engaged in intercourse, but it’s impossible to tell who is fucking who.

Anal splinters, for example
Jack Black was made for music video cameos, and he makes the most of his limited screen time here. He nails his line in the opening segment (“I want to touch people!”), and does a perfect Benny Hill/Scooby Doo mop thing at :35. Scary kitchen! Still trying to puzzle out the nonsensical speech at the end, though. I’m all for defying Sexx Laws, but any sexual taboo that requires two violas to break is probably there for a good reason.

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