Foo Fighters Offer Hammier “Long Road To Ruin” Video, Search For Grammy Orchestra

This hairy “Long Road To Ruin” alternate take lacks the earlier Soap version’s Rashida Jones cameo, but there is a crowd of screaming girls. Fair enough.

Nice swivel, Dave. As a bonus, it also gives you an idea of what it’s like to be a Foo. That’s right, those cello lessons might have been worth it after all: The boys are looking for a few great string and woodwind players to help them create a gigantic version of “The Pretender” at the Grammys. No guitars, bass guitars, drums, or vocals … FF have those covered. Actually, why bother paraphrasing when you can see the boys make their own unenthusiastic plea.

Look how excited they are! As well they should be: The auditions are pouring in. Good luck, this guy.