Diplo Disses Washed Out, Joins No Doubt

Yesterday Diplo stopped dissing M.I.A. for a second to diss Washed Out’s Within And Without. As he punned via Twitter: “Washed out need to put some starch in the wash cause this Álbum sounds kinda limp.” Ditto this: When someone called Diplo a “douche bag” for the tweet he replied “d bag 4 being honest?” before stepping back a bit (“@hipsterrunoff why doesnt they get my chillwave sarcasm?”), and then eventually caving into chillwave pressure: “I like washed out doe i jus like bad puns more.” Turns out he also likes No Doubt:

Major Lazer No Doubt

As NJ Underground reports, No Doubt posted the above photo to their Twitter with the caption “@NoDoubt and @MajorLazer together [.]” They tweeted that they were working on “3 different songs 2nite in 3 different rooms in the same studio complex, all at once” and that “[l]ike magic, somehow it works.” No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont also tweeted that one of the tracks is called “Push and Shove.”

When not recanting disses or hanging with No Doubt, Diplo also helped introduce Legitmix, which as Pitchfork explains, is “a new platform that allows musicians to legally sample music from other sources — and sell it — without going through the sample-clearing process.” A larger explanation:

Diplo created a 40-minute Mad Legit mix to further illustrate how it works. A taste:

Get more info at Legitmix.