Checking In With Kanye’s Coolhunting Blog

Since losing the great Beyonce Connect Four tourney, Kanye’s been blogging his ass off. A lot! Maybe he should write for the new Gawker? In a particularly inspired passage he plugs fancy stone-shaped French furniture Livingstones (groan).

hot rocks

I love these… if you have a place 2 put them cleanly…don’t put these right next to a 6 year old Ikea coffee table with a stack of 30 magazines and some hard back books with the old paper covers still on em which, sidebar, should have been removed ….with a half empty Jamba juice cup that your thoughtful friends must’ve felt added 2 the decor rather than throwing it in the fucking trash.

So if you rock cheap, Swedish furniture — and Dwele’s always leaving garbage strewn about — not for you! Kanye’s other favorite things to blog about: sneakers, iPod accessories, and expensive booze. We also get a look at a still from the “Flashing Lights” vid.

Kanye After Dark

He doesn’t blog much about it, except that it was shot in Denmark (or at least that’s where the producer is/Kanye just was). Looks like Marissa Nadler’s “Bird On Your Grave,” though presumably with more Bathing Ape.

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