New Ssion – “Clowns (Glass Candy Remix)”

In the past when we talk Italo-disco, we’re usually in the realm of Sally Shapiro … though she’s from Sweden. Ssion’s from Kansas City, and therefore not really any closer, but frontman Cody Critcheloe’s mustache looks pretty authentic. Plus, this remix Glass Candy do of Ssion’s “Clowns” has that icy hot dance feel we dig most about the After Dark realm (right, Italians Do It Better’s in Jersey City). You can hear the original “Clown” at Ssion’s MySpace, our preferred minimalist, moody spin right here.

Ssion – “Clowns (Glass Candy Remix)” (MP3)

I’m funny, too. Class Candy’s “Clown” re-icing will show up on a Sleazetone 12″ in February. As will the busier, bouncier Moves remix, which can be heard at MoveSpace (while you’re there, listen to the crazy “Real Talk” remix. Yo, R.).

Ssion’s Fool’s Gold is out 2/12 also on Sleazetone.

Sssion Candy