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Futur Skullz – “Waste Not Want Not”

People keep talking about “songs of the summer” that don’t sound like the songs of any summer I’m having, so figured, for starters, I’d nominate “Waste Not Want Not,” a blazer from Futur Skullz. It’s the second track on the San Francisco trio’s Phil Manley-produced debut. The crusty, thrashing full-throttled D-beating crew features guitarist Josh Smith (ex-Weakling, Fucking Champs), bassist/vocalist Chris Newsom (ex-FaceDowninShit, Uwharria), and drummer Moses Saarni (ex-California Love, Look Back And Laugh). When they recorded the collection, though, Christian Gonzales (ex-Gargantula) was the guy behind the kit: Take a listen to his work — and the guitar solos, imploded vocals, etc., of the other guys — on “Waste Not Want Not.” As the Skullz explain, they’re playing “metal that is punk”: “We wish we sounded like Anti Cimex crossed with Whiplash but in reality we probably sound more like Bad Brains and Metallica.” Not a bad thing, obviously.

Futur Skullz – “Waste Not Want Not”

Futur Skullz is out via Kemado. We’re told Futur Skullz is “unimpressed” with “pants, bands, money, mohawks, leather, spikes, weed wizards, marijuana wolves, muscle cars, chops, cred, music, life.” The kind of attitude I appreciate from my summer soundtracking.

Futur Skullz 2011

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