New Raveonettes – “Dead Sound (Digital Leather Remix)”

Lately we’ve been raving about the Raveonettes, the inky Danish duo who dropped a fuzzed “Aly, Walk With Me” crescendo before hitting us with the dark, girl group-style pop of “Dead Sound” and its appropriately angst-shadowed video. Really now, between this and Stephin Merritt’s own Distortion fixation, the Jesus & Mary Chain are sorta the old-is-the-new-new buzz band of early ’08 (Coachella, here we come! Oh, wait.). That in mind, watch Tucson synth/death-punk crazy man Shawn Foree, aka Digital Leather, wash the brothers Reid away, transforming “Dead Sound” into a slightly brightly raucous affair. Think about it as an electro-tinged Pastels/Vaselines — wait for the boy/girl outro — if you wanna keep referencing older Scottish bands.

Leather Sounds Leather Sounds

The Raveonettes – “Dead Sound (Digital Leather Remix)” (MP3)

He refers to this as “cover,” not a remix, which makes sense. You can find out about Digital Leather’s half a dozen of releases at his MySpace, some of which are on Jay Reatard’s Shattered Records. Speaking of buzzes.