Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks’ Real Emotional Trash Album Art, Tracklist

We’ve only just started picking through Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks’ Richard Avedon-referencing Real Emotional Trash, so it’s still too premature to get Premature. Though we certainly did like the first MP3, “Baltimore” and its run-on guitars. Actually, the whole album seems pretty knotty, but again, we need more time. While we smash our heads against the pavement, why not let us know what you think about the swirly decor and less-swirly tracklist?

<em>Real Emotional Trash</em> cover”></p>
<p>Questions: Where’s the “the” in Jicks? And is that a conch, aka marine snail, shell? Whatever the case, the bird has a lot of fingers. The songs:</p>
<p>01 “Dragonfly Pie”<br />
02 “Hopscotch Willie”<br />
03 “Cold Son”<br />
04 “Real Emotional Trash”<br />
05 “Out Of Reaches”<br />
06 “Baltimore”<br />
07 “Gardenia”<br />
08 “Elmo Delmo”<br />
09 “We Can’t Help You”<br />
10 “Wicked Wanda”</p>
<p><em>Real Emotional Trash</em> is out 3/4 on Matador. </p>

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