EMA @ Glasslands, Williamsburg 7/21/11

After opening for Spencer Krug’s Moonface at Mercury Lounge earlier in the night, EMA crossed the Williamsburg Bridge and headlined the Glasslands Gallery around midnight, following opening sets by Talk Normal and Able Hearts. She’s great — magnetic, powerful, completely winning on her songs caked in broken, grungy torment, just as she was at Pitchfork last weekend. As noted on Twitter, “Next level EMA fans will one day request bootlegs/transcriptions of her intersong monologues. Tonight’s topics: Tool, Cancers.” (As replied by our friends at L Mag and Mr. John Norris, Mercury’s topics included “Mustard stains, kissing booths, and her grandmother.”) Go see her, let us know.

Check some great photos by Jessica Amaya above, and a video of “Marked” from Glasslands below:

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