MGMT Swing By Letterman With “Time To Pretend”

It’s really nice to have these late night live performances to post again, and in the case of Worldwide Pants wearing Letterman, it can be done without an ounce of Writers Guild guilt. After watching Dave make Lucy Liu speak on behalf of China a couple too many times for comfort (“I’ll just get on the Red phone and call them, Dave”), the boys of Brooklyn’s MGMT (that’s “the Management” to you oral communicators, not M-G-M-T as Dave’d have you believe nevermind!) hit the Ed Sullivan Theater in their finest capes (we assume) and with their finest tune (we know). If you’re keeping tabs on the vowel-phobic caps-lock kids, it’s Kevin Barnes, Rolling Stone, and lots of Brit critics in one corner, and folks with knee-jerk aversions to major label bands in the other.

MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular is out on Columbia. (UPDATE: We realize most of you already have the full record (going by the comments, especially), but for those just getting into MGMT, “Time To Pretend” is the free download of the week at iTunes.)

On another note: We miss you, Dave’s strike beard! R.I.P. After the jump, The Shaving.

Don’t even think about it, Conan.