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Flourishing – “Momentary Senses” (Stereogum Premiere)

“Momentary Senses” arrives toward the middle of Flourishing’s discordant, dark, unexpectedly catchy debut LP, The Sum Of All Fossils. (The eight-song collection follows 2010’s A Momentary Sense Of The Immediate World EP.) The NYC trio features Wetnurse co-guitarist Garett Bussanick on vocals/guitar along with bassist Eric Rizk and drummer Brian Corcoran. Their suffocating, melodic blend of filthy death, nimble grind, Godflesh-toned industrial, prog, noise, and expansive post-rock pairs well with Ulcerate, Castevet, Tombs, and Portal, but they uncover too many of their own angles to find an exact match. Definitely one of my favorite records of this second half of 2011. A taste:

Flourishing – “Momentary Senses”


01 “A Thimble’s Worth”
02 “The Prospects Of Rejection”
03 “By Which We’re Cemented”
04 “In Vivid Monochrome”
05 “Momentary Senses”
06 “Fossil Record”
07 “Summary”
08 “As If Bathed In Excellence”

The Sum Of All Fossils is out 8/2 via The Path Less Traveled. The record release show takes place this Monday, 7/25 at Lit Lounge, NYC. Continue listening with “The Prospects of Rejection,” “By Which We’re Cemented,” and “Fossil Record.”

Flourishing Photo 2011
[Photo by Randy Levine]