A Look Into Jonny Greenwood’s Odds At An Oscar

Now that the momentary hyperventilation at the prospect of Thom & Co. visiting your town has subsided, we move onto the next Radiohead topic of the day: Will Jonny Greenwood win an Academy Award for his brilliant work on Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood?

Well, first he’ll have to get nominated for one. But he’s a shoo-in, no? EW call Jonny’s score “revolutionary.” (Also, they also absolutely adore the movie, except when they don’t.) And in a good sign of things to come, he won Best Score at the Critics Choice Awards. He wasn’t there, though, so he’ll have to grab it from Snoop next time they hang out.

Or maybe there won’t even be an Oscars! Well not a televised one anyway, due to the Writers’ Strike, and if the fate of the Golden Globes’ televised presentation is any indication. (They’ve been scrapped in favor of a press conference at 9PM on Sunday, following a Going For Gold special at 7PM featuring Matt Lauer, an interview with William Shatner, the D-list comedy of Kathy Griffin, and predictions from the Football Night In America team — seriously).

Anyway, being the unbiased connoisseurs of this year’s film soundtracks and scores that we are, we would totally give it to Mr. Greenwood. There’s sublime string section moments, eerie, creepy counterpoint, and just at touch of irony to tracks like “Prospectors Arrive” featuring “Exit Music (From A Film)”-flavored chord changes. It’s masterful work. And that’s coming straight from objective, non fanboys. Of course.

Listen to “Future Markets” here.

Also: There Will Be Blood. Best Picture. Y/y? (And give Phillip Seymour Hoffman one or two for Charlie Wilson’s War/Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead/The Savages while you’re at it.)