Flight Of The Conchords Show Off Their Gadgets, Get Down To “Business Time” At CES 2008

You can tell the communication tech geeks sitting through Comcast’s presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show don’t quite know what to make of Jemaine and Brett as they stroll out with the guitars and LES-via-New Zealand shtick. (Mostly by their scarce laughter out front.) Well it’s a tough room for hipster music comedy, especially when you take awhile getting to the music comedy bit. But Brett uses it as an opportunity to show off his patented camera-phone, which you’ve seen in the best FOTC episode yet (i.e. “Mugged,” the one with the “Psycho Killer” reference and this), and which has some new features. “Business Time” goes a little better. Take it away, Brett, Jemaine, and Jemaine’s strike beard:

Remember, the Conchords have a full-length out early this year on Sub Pop. This may just be on it. For your high def camera-tootbrush-phone-TV-MP3-player phone:

Flight Of The Conchords – “Business Time” (MP3)