New Future Clouds & Radar Video – “Dr. No”

Hold onto your trip-o-meter and beware nuclear explosions in your sunglasses because Future Clouds & Radar frontman Robert Harrison’s building himself a lady friend Weird Science — only with a hell of a lot more acid flashbacks, saws, sliced fingers, disembodied lips singing backup. And zero Anthony Michael Hall. So who is this guy? Ex-Cotton Mather frontman. Or you may remember him and his Austin-based psych crew from their high placement (#4) on the Harp best of 2007 list. Or, well, Harrison is somehow visually reminiscent of Ted Nugent, but his busy psychedelic pop sounds more like OTC and SFA carpooling in a blue (why not yellow?) submarine. Or something. In this video for “Dr. No” — animated by longtime Nickelodeon dude Keith Graves — Harrison dons white Cobain glasses, but it’s not clear if he ever reaches nirvana with his chipped-together lady before the final nod to Magritte. Like we said, hold on — and keep your eyes peeled for the hula girls, Alfred E. Newman, and a glazed donut.

Split-screen tomato. The band’s already made more than a handful of videos for their self-titled debut double record: You can spend some time with those moving images at the FC&R site. “Dr. No” to go:

Future Clouds & Radar – “Dr. No” (MP3)

Lots more MP3s to download at MySpace. Future Clouds & Radar is out on the band’s own Star Apple Kingdom. Yup, that’s the same link as above.