Indie Rock Karaoke, Starring The Thermals

Once again, the New York x New York crew are taking over Studio B in Brooklyn for a one-night-only karaoke extravaganza. Last time, of course, is already the stuff of legend, an epic evening which featured the indefatigable and frighteningly versatile of Montreal as house band (one of our favorite shows of ’07, in fact). Yes, the same night Wedren, Wain, Showalter, and Rudd got loose with a mic in the hand.

This time features the party-starting Portland punks of the Thermals. Hutch and crew have their work cut out for them, but we deem them up for it. Not sure if they’re soliciting suggestions like oM did last time. But if you wanna practice in advance, we’d suggest going light on the ballads and heavy on the uptempo stuff. Tix are $20 and come with a 46-issue subscription to New York. Get ‘em here. Yes, we realize 1/31 is the LOST season premiere. That’s what you have TiVO for! Check the flyer after the jump.

The Thermals Karaoke at Studio B

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